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Año Santo Jacobeo 2021

Santiago de Compostela celebrates in 2021 for the 120th time a “Año Santo Jacobeo” (in German:“Holy Compostelan Year”). It has been celebrated since the Middle Ages whenever the anniversary of St. James falls on a Sunday. On this day, the so-called “Puerta de Perdón” the “Door of Grace,” a Romanesque portal on the east side of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, opens.

On July 25, 2021, the time has come again. With the beginning of the year 2021, pilgrimage walking on the paths of the pilgrims of St. James - the “Starry Path/Chemin des étoiles” throughout Europe will be under the sign of this medieval tradition. The following years are then only again 2027, 2032, 2038.

A tradition in the mirror of the present

Traditions preserved over centuries, however, are always looking for a mirror, for reflections in the present. Only in this way can they keep their very own meaning alive in the future. An Año Santo Jacobeo of the present could therefore also stand for a new attitude, a reflected thinking and acting.

What is meant is a pilgrimage which, in search of more meaning in life and spirituality, is also associated with a very personal commitment to a humanitarian and peaceful Europe! This takes on a special meaning especially in a time of crisis.

In this spirit, we welcome all people who are on the road in the Año Santo Jacobeo 2021 on the “Starry Path/Chemin des étoiles” in our Greater Region connect the: “Saint Compostelan Year 2021” with the following guiding impulse:

Pilgrimage along the stars of Europe for tolerance, humanity, freedom, democracy, friendly meeting of cultures and peace.
Pilgrimage hiking on the “Starry Path/Chemin des étoiles” also has a high meditative component, especially over longer stages. It is the becoming one with oneself, a harmonization of body and mind at the same time. This very special awareness of being on the road creates the space to rethink the individual value system in a collective context. Doesn’t it therefore make sense to set an example in an Año Santo Jacobeo? To get a stone rolling…